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Positioning Marketing as the Driver in the Digital Economy

Del: 19/03/2002

 Business and marketing strategy are undergoing a sea change. Consider the statements of some of America’s business leaders:

Every now and then, a technology or idea comes along that is so profound, so powerful, so universal that its impact changes everything. The printing press. The incandescent light. The automobile. Manned flight. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the world is changed forever.1 
                                          - Lou Gerstner, Chairman of IBM

Embrace the Internet. Bring me a plan as ti how you are going to transform your business beyond adding an Internet site.2 
                                            - Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

The Internet is not just another sales channel. It’s not just an advertising medium. It is a tool to change fundamentally how a company does business and how it takes orders from its customers and provides value to them.3
              - Esther Dyson, Chairman of EDventure Holdings Inc.

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